Colorado Trip Part Seven: Pikes Peak Highway


This is part 7 of our Colorado trip. If you want to see more, check out parts one twothreefour, five, and six.

Our next adventure in Colorado was the Pikes Peak Highway. Honestly, I was a little worried about this, the road looked pretty scary. The drive to the summit was definitely scary in parts, mostly because I was worried about how scary the drive down would be - but going down actually ended up being a lot better.

The views were amazing and this was one of my favorite parts about this trip. Just a warning if you ever go - altitude really does matter! Daniel and Jonah had a pretty hard time at the summit but were fine the rest of the time. The rest of us were ok, we just made sure to walk slowly and drink plenty of water.

Seeing the vast forests in Colorado make it pretty easy to believe there could be a Bigfoot (or Bigfeet?)  hiding there.

The first stop on the drive is Crystal Creek Reservoir. It was pretty chilly and we were excited to get to the top, so we didn't stay too long here.

The views along the road were amazing!

Coming up in part eight: Rocky Mountain National Park

A selection of landscape prints from this trip are available here!

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