Alaney + Nick {Terre Haute Wedding Photographer}


wedding at St Mary of the Woods College

Alaney + Nick's wedding was absolutely fabulous! The light and fall color were on point, all the details were beautiful, their family and friends were amazing, but most importantly, Nick + Alaney were one of the happiest couples I've photographed. It was an amazing day and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Mallory was a perfect flower girl! So sweet and so pretty!

Alaney's dress was gorgeous!

I love these photos of Alaney and her mom! So sweet!

Alaney had the best group of friends by her side! This group was awesome!

Wasn't she a stunning bride?!? SO gorgous!

It was freezing cold outside that day, but the light was so good!

I can't say enough nice things about Nick. He is a great guy!

Alaney + Nick had a handfasting as part of their ceremony and these were the ribbons used for that.

See that receipt in the photo on the left? That was from the first time they met, when Alaney was waiting tables when Nick came in. It was love at first sight (or something like that) and the rest is history!

Yeah...I think he's in love!

The ceremony was absolutely perfect! Marta always does such a fabulous job blending traditional ceremony elements with telling their unique story. It's always perfect!

The moments right after the ceremony are some of my favorite to photograph when I can (sometimes I get stuck due to space, but whenever possible I follow the couple out!). This series are my absolute favorite photos of Nick + Alaney's day. Look how happy and in love they are! I hope they frame at least one of these, look at it often, and always remember how they felt at that exact moment!

I often get asked if having a second photographer is necessary. It's not (in most cases), but it is great to have when possible. So glad Jen was able to capture these moments while I was taking the family portraits!

Nick + Alaney chose to not see each other before the ceremony, so we did the full wedding party photos right after the family photos and then spent about a half hour getting some gorgeous photos of the two of them. We actually finished a little bit ahead of schedule and they were able to sneak away to have a few minutes alone before the reception. I think that's so important to do whenever possible!

Another great reason to have a second photographer: you'll get more portraits in the same time! We're always shooting from different angles and with different lenses, so you get more variety in less time.

I love the way they look at each other!

They are so perfect together!

I've never seen this before - a popcorn bar! I tried the snickerdoodle flavor and it was amazing!!

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Venue: Le Fer Hall, St. Mary-of-the-Woods
Officiant: Marta Adubato, Waiting To Be Told
Wedding Planning/Decor: Simple to Elegant
Florist: Cowan and Cook
DJ: Danny Wayne
Cake: Red Room Cakery
Second Photographer: Jen Thompson

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