Vivienne's First Birthday {Robinson, Illinois, Lifestyle Photographer}


I has been an absolute joy to photograph little miss Vivienne's first year! I just adore her whole family and I love that that her mama loves to have all the moments captured - the good, the bad, the sweet, and the hilarious.

Honestly, I've been feeling like I'm kind of a creative rut lately, but this session pulled me right out of that and reminded me of what I really do. I don't just take pretty pictures (I mean, I do, I think) but I'm there to tell stories. Stories of families. And I hope I'll be telling this family's story for a long time.

This beautiful little dress first belonged to Vivienne's great-grandma. I love that Jenna brought it out for this session - it's pretty, and that's great, but the family connection is even better.

That face!

This one below just kills me. Such an honest moment between siblings. Beckett really loves his baby sister but wanted to hold her just a little too tight! Knowing Jenna, I have a feeling this one will end up framed!

Aren't they just the cutest?!?

I debated showing this one, because who likes to see a baby cry? BUT, look how sweet little mr Beckett is with his sister!

 Look at that perfect little dimple!

Her mama sure does love her.


The two below are my absolute favorites from this session! I love a good classic black and white image, and her expressions are perfect!

Check out those curls!

After these photos were taken, it was time for her birthday party! It was such a perfect little party, so girly and fun.

Vivienne was so adorable with her little friends!

Time for cake! The best part of any birthday, but especially the first!


For a little trip down memory lane, check out Vivienne's newborn and 6(ish) month session!

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