Morgan + Jeremy {Terre Haute Wedding Photographer}

Morgan and Jeremy are seriously one of the sweetest couples I've photographed. They are clearly very much in love and I just loved the way Jeremy couldn't take his eyes of Morgan all day. 

I loved Morgan's dress so much! It was simple, elegant, and beautiful.

Jeremy had a bit of trouble with his flower, so it was Mom (and a sister-in-law, and me) to the rescue!

I love when brides do a first look with their dads! It's always such a sweet time.

I adore first looks (you can read why here) and Morgan and Jeremy's did not disappoint! Just look at Morgan's smile and they way Jeremy held her hand in both of his! 

Even though it was a cold December day, we stepped outside the church for just a little bit to get these portraits. Aren't they the cutest couple? I don't know about you, but I can totally see the love in their eyes in these photos. Ok, so maybe in their I said, Jeremy couldn't keep his eyes off her, so you'll notice he's not looking at the camera much!

Morgan was such a beautiful bride!

I wish we could have taken the entire bridal party outside, but it since it was cold and getting dark we settled for inside the church. Not that it matters....this group would look amazing anywhere!

Their rings were beautiful, and those flowers....I absolutely loved them.

This is one of my favorite images of the day. Just look at the love as Morgan looks at Jeremy and her dad looks at her. I'm not a mind reader or anything, but I can guess a few things going through their minds. I'm sure this was a hard day for Brent but totally worth it for his baby girl.

For their unity ceremony (instead of a unity candle or sand or whatever), they planted a tree. Well, technically, they watered it. And they named it. See, I told you they were cute!

See the laughter in that photo on the right? Jeremy had just said the wrong name in his vows! Don't worry, this wasn't a Ross/Rachel/Emily moment (ignore that comment if you're not a Friends fan). He just switched their names and said "I Morgan take you Jeremy!" Nothing like a little humor in a wedding ceremony!

So glad I caught this moment! That was Morgan's dad hugging Jeremy.

One of Morgan's few requests was a photo with her baby cousin Mikayla. Mikayla wasn't too excited about the idea, but she's cute as a button anyway.

It's always a good idea to sign the marriage license! True story: we forgot to sign it at my wedding! We forgot all about it until the day after. Oops!

Another little moment I was so happy got captured!

That ring Morgan is wearing belonged to her grandma and was given to her by her grandpa.

Jeremy and his brothers made family photos a lot more fun that usual!

I loved that they were together so much at the reception. A lot of times, the bride and groom get pulled in different directions and are often at different sides of the room mingling with guests, and they did some of that too, but they clearly didn't want to be apart any more than necessary.

This white chocolate cake was one of the best I've had, and I've had a lot of wedding cake! It was a perfect end to a perfect day!

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