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Megen and Peter are, as far I could see, absolutely perfect for each other, and they had an awesomely simple ceremony and reception last week at White Chapel and O'Shaughnessy Hall. From a ceremony at their alma mater, to flowers grown by Peter's mom, and the rings they made themselves, everything about the day was so perfect for them.

I met up with Megen and her mom and friends at Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday morning. I got there just in time for Megen's first experience with an eyelash curler. Megen was the most chill and calm bride I think I've ever seen. 

photo of a bride and her friends preparing for her wedding in a hotel room

That handkerchief? It was handmade by Peter's aunt with their names and wedding date around the side. The dress? It was her mom's (with a few alterations and changes - like removing the 80's puffy sleeves).

Over in Peter's suite, he and his brothers were busy trying to remember exactly how to tie a tie.

photo of a bride's bouquet with a handmade handkerchief

Megen and Peter chose to have a first look and I'm so glad they did. It was a sweet time for them to have alone and it got some nerves out of the way before the ceremony and got more photos out of the way too so they could get to their reception quicker- they wanted to spend as much time as possible with their friends and family.

photos of a bride and groom during their first look at White Chapel at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN

photo of a bride and groom outside White Chapel in Terre Haute, IN

photos of a bride outside White Chapel in Terre Haute, IN

photo of a bride and groom outside White Chapel at RHIT in Terre Haute, IN

Remember when I said they made their own rings? I didn't just mean they designed them, they actually made them. She even had a Dremel in her hotel room for a final buffing.

photo of a handmade wedding ring

Megen was so relaxed about the wedding, she even told the bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses. The only thing she specified was the color. So, they both went shopping on their own and still showed up with the same dress anyway.

photo of a wedding party outside White Chapel in Terre Haute

It was a short and sweet ceremony for them at the beautiful White Chapel.

photos of a wedding ceremony at White Chapel on the campus of RHIT

photo of a couple holding hands during wedding ceremony

photo of a wedding ceremony at White Chapel in Terre Haute

close-up photo of groom's ring

photo of a bride and groom at White Chapel

Their reception was at O'Shaughnessy Hall at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. This is definitely one of the prettiest locations for receptions in Terre Haute. I've shot there before, but only in the evening. It was nice to have some nice natural light through the huge windows.

photos of reception details

photos of bride and groom entering wedding reception at O'Shaughnessy Hall

wedding reception in Terre Haute, IN

photos of cake cutting at wedding reception at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in West Terre Haute, IN

Megen and Peter's first dance was adorably entertaining.

photo of bride and groom's first dance at O'Shaughnessy Ballroom

The parent dances always make me tear up a bit.

photos of bride dancing with her father at O'Shaughnessy Hall

So, I'm not much of a crier...but I think I might cry happy tears if I ever got a photo like this of me and my husband dancing with our daughter and her husband in the background. Of course, I have a good 12 years or so at LEAST...but I can't help thinking of those things at weddings!

And did I mention she was wearing her mom's dress?? LOVE that!

We left the reception for just a few minutes to take a few more photos. St. Mary's has such a pretty campus, with so many beautiful places for photos but we just stuck with one location so they wouldn't lose too much time with their guests.

photo of bride and groom sitting on steps at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

photo of bride and groom in Terre Haute, IN

photo of bride and groom dancing at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana

photo of bride and groom's hands with wedding rings

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  1. Congratulations Megen and Peter! The pictures of your wedding day are absolutely beautiful. You picked a great photographer!


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