This is Our Life - week 19 {Terre Haute lifestyle photographer}


This is week 19 for the This is Our Life project and the theme is "reminders."

I'm sitting at my desk in my bedroom writing this and I can look around and see about a hundred reminders of my family - from the pile of laundry waiting to be folded, to the Little People that somehow found their way in here, the homemade gifts sitting on shelves, and a shelf full of kids books (it's a small house...and books are everywhere!). But my favorite reminders are the books full of photos. There are photos of the big moments -  from my first day as a mom (almost 10 years ago now, can you believe it) to our covered bridge summer, dance recitals, holidays, and first days of school. There are thousands and thousands of photos of the little moments - little hands clutching a dandelion bouquet, Abbie holding an injured butterfly (and freaking out because until then she hadn't realized that they were bugs), Joey wrestling with my dad back before Parkinson's, us in our first house, Jack wearing his superhero cape at McDonald's, and Jonah cuddling with his blankie. 

Eventually, all the toys will get packed away, the kids will all be in school, so maybe I'll have time to get the laundry put away, they'll outgrow the kids books, and some of those crafts will get packed away. But the photos? They'll be on the shelf forever, constant reminders of this stage of our life.

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