The little things {Terre Haute lifestyle photographer}


Jonah and his blankie...he's recently decided that only the corners will do for holding on to. I love that he loves that thing. 

Joey and Abbie loved their blankies too and Joey had a bear he named Juicy that I was sure was going to go to college with him. Jack prefers to hold a Hot Wheel or two or his flashlight when he sleeps. 

What special thing does your child like? Don't forget to get photos of it! Feel free to bring stuffed animals, blankies, dolls, or whatever your kids are attached to, to your photoshoot, or consider having a lifestyle session in your home to capture them in their everyday lives.

Even if you don't include it in a professional session, don't forget to at least take some snapshots...they won't carry those stinky blankets around forever! :-)

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