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Megan + AJ's wedding at Bloomfield Barn was fabulous, and I hope you have a few minutes because I'm pretty sure this is the most photos I've ever shared in a blog post.

These two had quite an amazing December - they both graduated just one week before their wedding, making them Dr. + Dr. Hurtig! And their wedding was so fabulous! Sure, they're both gorgeous, and their venue was beautiful, and their friends and family were all so sweet, the food was delicious, and the dance floor was filled all night...but what made their day so perfect was the way they looked at each other, the fun they had together, the love they so clearly show to each other, and the way they were just so darn happy

All the details were gorgeous!

Megan wore her Grandma's ring! I love sentimental things like that.

Megan + AJ exchanged letters before the first look, and it was so sweet!

Their first look was the sweetest thing! I highly recommend first looks  - read about why I love them so much here.

The fabulous Jen Thompson was my second shooter for this wedding. One of the great things about having a second photographer is that you get so many more photos in the same amount of time. During the portraits, we were both shooting from different angles with different lens focal lengths, so Megan + AJ got so much variety and got more photos without any extra time or posing, even though we stayed in pretty much the same spot the entire time (due to wind/cold and wet/soft/muddy ground).

Their flower girl, Cora, was Megan's niece, and she was adorable!

Their wedding party was fabulous! It was cold out there and I didn't hear a single complaint, and they were just basically the best group you could ask for.

Harrison and Joel were the cutest little ring bearers ever!

Megan's one and only special request was a photo with the wedding party throwing fake snow. It was so fun! The next day we had several inches of real snow, which would have made for some great photos but probably would have complicated their day so I'm glad it held off!

I loved this little balcony for a dramatic reception entrance!

They did a special toast with AJ's grandparents' glasses.

The meal by Applewood Catering was delicious!

Their first dance was awesome!

Southern Illinois Wedding Videography did a wonderful job capturing video of the whole day, and Moonlight Entertainment kept the dance floor full all night!

Congratulations Megan + AJ! I hope your marriage is every bit as wonderful and happy as your wedding...but even if it's only half of that you'll be in pretty darn good shape!

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