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Ok girls, here's your sneak peek! I had SO much fun with Erin and Jordynn today! They are 8th grade friends who wanted a little 80's style photo shoot (umm...ok, not QUITE 80's, they also wanted their cell phones, ipods and Jonas Brothers stuff in there too!). Anyway, I know they REALLY wanted to see some photos tonight, so here they are! I'll have the rest up on facebook in a day or two.

I've been told that their whole group of friends recently sat around in a circle at a birthday pary texting each other. Girls are so silly! :-)

Ok, so this would probably look a bit more "80's" with a big boombox instead of the little ipod speakers, but it's still pretty cute, right? Oh, and don't those shoes remind you of Rainbow Brite?

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  1. These are fun.. love the bright colors, I think they fit well with the girls.

  2. yup, they are fun and bright! :-)I love those girls!


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