proof that they really do love each other {it's the little things}

the little things 8/30/2012

It's the little things {Terre Haute photographer}

the little things 8/24/2012

short and sweet sessions rock! {Terre Haute photographer}

information 8/17/2012

what a difference a year makes! {Paris, IL baby photographer}

baby 8/16/2012

good-bye summer, hello sanity {Clinton, IN photographer}

personal 8/15/2012

sneak peek! {Paris, IL baby photographer}

baby 8/12/2012

sneak peek for Vedra and Darren {Rockville, Indiana, wedding phographer}

wedding 8/06/2012

how to: have an awesome wedding (and get amazing photos of it) {Terre Haute, IN wedding photographer}

information 8/06/2012

Melissa and Jay {Terre Haute, IN wedding photographer}

wedding 8/02/2012

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