My little guy {Terre Haute child photographer}

Deming Park 4/26/2010

Model needed {Terre Haute baby photographer}

information 4/26/2010


information 4/21/2010

Little sweetheart {Clinton IN baby photographer}

baby 4/20/2010

Sneak peek for Mandi and Keith {Indianapolis wedding and engagement photographer}

couples 4/19/2010

Sneak peek for the Dreher family {Terre Haute family photographer}

families 4/19/2010

"beautiful!" {Terre Haute child photographer}

Abbie 4/16/2010

Spring beauty {Parke County IN child photographer}

Abbie 4/14/2010

Sneak Peek {Terre Haute IN child photographer}

Deming Park 4/11/2010

Yummy {Terre Haute IN photographer}

kids 4/08/2010

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