Taking a break {Clinton, Indiana photographer}

information 12/02/2008

more family {Parke County family photographer}

families 11/03/2008

family {Parke County family photographer}

families 11/03/2008

Sydney {Terre Haute senior photographer}

Deming Park 10/27/2008

more of my kids {Terre Haute child photographer}

Abbie 10/23/2008

Russell {Clinton, Indiana senior photographer}

Clinton 10/06/2008

cutie patootie {Terre Haute baby photographer}

baby 9/28/2008

My baby is 5! {Terre Haute child photographer}

Joey 9/16/2008

sweet family {Terre Haute family and child photographer}

Deming Park 9/07/2008

more favorites {Parke County child and family photographer}

Bridgeton 9/04/2008

Four of my favorite kids {Parke County family and child photographer}

Bridgeton 9/02/2008

Pettiskirt bribery {Terre Haute child photographer}

Abbie 8/30/2008

Check out my etsy shop! {Indiana fine art photographer}

fine art 8/27/2008

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